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  The Mutineer Gourmand closes in November for annual leave.
 Reopening early December. 

The famous red guide gives us confidence for about 10 years by dedicating ourselves to a Bib Gourmand restaurant and a blue bib for the hotel.

Also referenced in several culinary guides: "Lonely Planet", "The Backpacker", "Le Bottin Gourmand," and "The Lonely Planet", we certainly try to honor their trust every day and continue to earn it.

In addition, the Mutineer Gourmand got the 2014 Certificate of Excellence from Tripadvisor site that rewards 10% of businesses rated the site.

Thank you to all our customers who have commented on their visit to our institution and contribute to its "good" reputation.

The Mutineer Gourmand

The " Mutineer "is the smallest sailing boat and
the oldest flying unit of the Navy.


That is playful, loves to banter, to laugh ...
That is seditious, rebellious ...
Anyone participating in a mutiny.


Joel: "La Gourmandise you know! "

Joel Euzen is a lover of good things and good food. à Crozon, il y a maintenant 30 ans. With his wife, Jocelyne, they create the Mutineer Restaurant Gourmand in Crozon, there are now 30 years old.

Restaurant Crozon - Le Mutin Gourmand - Erwan Erwan, their son, who has a master's blows the young and new in the kitchen under the watchful eye of his father ...

Proud to be the country, it will take you on the peninsula in its seafood cuisine and pastries, where he also excelled.

, responsables de cuisine, sélectionnent et achètent, pour votre plaisir, auprès de leurs amis pêcheurs, maraîchers et artisans les produits qu'ils ont pêchés, cultivés ou produits avec amour. Every morning Joel and Erwan responsible for cooking, select and buy for your pleasure, with their friends fishermen, gardeners and artisans products they have caught, grown or produced with love.
With the wind and tides, they want to give a nice picture of the Peninsula.

No farmed fish is admitted to the Mutineer.

We do have a fixed card e fish with many varieties. The fish you eat at Mutineer is definitely in the water today and we're not sure it will be caught either. Follow our suggestions from the day's catch.

Since its inception The Mutineer has always sought excellence in the quality of its products: wines, cheeses, vegetables, fish and meats.

Eating well is great and drink a glass of wine to accompany your dish that is part of the beginning of happiness. Joel, epicurean, wine merchant and bon vivant, is demanding in the selection of wines. We do not buy especially for the beauty of the label, label, promotion, or the smile of the representative.

Here we love winegrowers, winemakers working vineyard in the respect for nature and the environment. We are here to advise you, to talk to you and make love. To discover them, hopefully with lots of emotion, we offer wines by the glass.

You will come and return to the Mutineer just for cheese.

It's not easy to manage a plateau 30-40 aged cheeses, but Joel began his professional life as a dairyman at Paris Saint-Germain-des-Prés. With a slice of homemade bread with salted butter Jean-Yves Bordier course!

The Mutineer and his team are very happy to welcome you aboard for a time of sharing without fluff or bluff and especially for your enjoyment we hope.

"Behind the walls of Mutineer, there are men and women who cook for you. We do not buy and do not warm up dishes already prepared by the food industry. "

Joel Euzen

  • S y story

Located on the site of the Church of Sligo for 32 years, starting from the small restaurant "Chez Jo" has grown, changed, improved and redesigned in 2012 to give more comfort to our customers friends.

The Mutineer is a family affair. Formerly haberdashery called "News" held by the grandfather Francis, handsome fellow with a mustache, cook and sailor with 7 world tours under his belt. Joel was born on top of the pastry and son Erwan, the Chef grew up with Dad and Mutineer. Professional Certificate and Masters Degree in hand, after visiting some beautiful houses such as "Alain Passard" and "Lenôtre" it could have worked in Paris or elsewhere but when you're here, it's hard to leave the Peninsula , landscapes, beaches, people ... The inspiration and soul of the kitchen are there!

"Everything here has a soul, walls, and of course women and men and mischievous mutineers who work there. From us you will not have seen the sea but it will be there on your plate unless you prefer a local product. "

Joel Euzen

Also owners of Bistrot du Mutineer and the Peninsula Hotel , Jocelyne and Joel welcome you into their establishments with simplicity and usability, in order to share their love of Britain, throughout the year.